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Dang... [08 Dec 2003|06:33am]
[ mood | shocked ]

okay so last night, I had probably one of the worst dreams I've had in my entire life...

It started out with me and Cory in my granny's backyard talking about scary movies and I was like "What about that nursery rhyme one?" and he said "You mean Marry had a Little Lamb?" so I told him "no" and that there was another one out about some guy who gets blinded or something and dies...so like...we're standing there, and all of a sudden Cory dissappears and there's this little girl standing next to me (and since this is a dream, it's all normal to me) and we look over, and this really, really scary guy is standing like...50 feet away and he's all menacing and shadowy and looks like he's going to kill us.

So he runs at us and doesn't see these lowhanging branches that are right in front of us and he gets hit in the face with them and falls to the ground. (Here is the part that disturbed me) The little girl and I each grab a wooden stake and jab it into this mans eyes. And he started screaming and yelling at us and we just sat there and told him it'd be okay and that he'll die soon, and what's worse is, as time went on, we kept jabbing the stakes even farther into his eyes, hoping possibly to kill him faster or something.

Anyways somehow we ended up leaving and left the man there, so now I think some scary guy is after me because I gouged his eyes out...seriously. I'm so fucking shaken up about that...

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Wierded out... [26 Oct 2003|10:22am]
Okay, so this dream is wierd and I don't remember all of it.

I remember:

Playing Tag with:

Helen (my hetero-boo)
Mike Tommes
My little brother
My neighbors

ANd some other random people. I remember Helen and I going "out of bounds" to my neighbors' house so that no one could find us, but then everyone came over anyways and we were in the backyard, just standing there, 'waiting for the game to start' and people kept blocking my runaway routes...and i was holding a copy of RENT...wierd.

Then I remember TARCing places with my granny, helen, and someone else. we went to this YPAS-annex-ish building. only it was really tall and had some wierd rooms. And we went into my granny's house. It was all too wierd to remember. But I kind of wish I did remember.
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Sadness to the third power... [24 Aug 2003|02:16pm]
So Friday night, I had a succesion of 4 dreams, and only 2 of them I actuall remember:

#1: I was hanging out with Matt and his roomates, and we're sitting around, and Matt pulls out a digital camera and starts taking pictures, then he hands it to me. I accidentally hit this button that automatically does a slide show of all the pictures on it, and what to I find on there? Oh but MANY pictures of Matt, having sex with MANY different people, very graphic pictures...then in my dream I start crying and screaming at Matt, the only thing I can remember is screaming at him "WHAT THE FUCK?! You lose your virginity so NOW you have to go have sex with EVERY PERSON YOU SEE?!" It was very bad, and then I woke up....crying. So after that shaking experience I went back to sleep, seeing as how it was 6am and I did NOT want to risk waking anyone else up at that hour.

#2" This came after I fell asleep after number 1. I was talking to Matt on the phone and he says "I'm on my way now, I can't wait to see you!" and we hang up and I go watch some TV. Well, more than 30 minutes pass, which is more than enough time for him to get here. So I call his cell, and no answer...which really freaks me out. So I got online to kill time, and I check my friends page, and lo and behold, who has updated, mjolley! But the entry isn't good...it read something to the extent of:

Guys, this is Nathan, I just got a call from the hospital and Matt got into a really bad wreck, and he didn't make it. I'll keep you all posted I guess at a later time. I'm sorry guys.

Granted, I dont' know how Nathan writes but it was something like that in my dream. Anyways...so yeah I started bawling and screaming how it was all my fault and if my selfish ass hadn't wanted him over here, he never would've wrecked. So then I woke up from that...cryinga again.

Then LAST night, I had another cheating dream:

#3: I was at Matts, but I actually was Matt, and I/Matt was talking to this guy online who was like "you are so hot, come over my house and we can hook up." Now, I/Matt didn't mention that I/Matt had a boyfriend, who I/Matt was currently talking to online. So I/Matt started to get up, and then I actually walk through his door and I'm out of his P.O.V. So I see his screen and again I'm crying and screaming "WHAT THE FUCK!?" We begin to argue and dream-Matt made me feel really bad, and then I woke up...crying.

Bad times, really bad times.
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German! [04 Aug 2003|01:08pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Okay, so this dream is in 2 parts, but they're kinda sorta related. It was me, cyndi, and evan, and we're in my room playing with weston, but we're german and we're astronauts. But I'm like, not getting along with anyone. So cyndi and evan leave and are like "we'll go to space without you!" so yeah.

then i was watching the dream, and it was like, a tv interview with eva braun. she was giving a tour of her war boat she shared with hitler and thier 2 children. i dont' know how they got 2 children or a house/war boat. And the funny thing is, eva looked a lot like madonna. t'was wierd...

oh yeah, this is a 3 part.

next i was watching these soldiers coming home from the war, and mario lopez(a.c slater) was one of them. And he only had 1 foot. And he was trying to prove to my uncle that he was a former baseball star so he started throwing baseballs, and was like "if i still had a foot i could still do it!" It was funny, and he was waiting for his wife. There was more to it, but I can't remember the details, and/or explain them.

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Return to Gatlinburg [26 Jul 2003|05:33pm]
Okay, so this morning I had a dream. Obviously, or I wouldn't post in here. Anywhich...

I was back in Gatlinburg with Cory, but instead of the rest of my family being there, it's only, Cory, My mother, and I. And I have my permit and Cory doesn't. But we want to go somewhere and we don't have a ride, so we go rent a car...but we rent this souped up Danali. We were pimped out. Anywho, we go driving around and we get into an arguement over Dashboard Confessional and who gets to drive. Because y'see, he's driving and doesn't have a permit. And I want to drive, so I'm like "hey let me drive for a while" but he doesn't let me. So we argue for a long time about how he's gonna listen to Dashboard and stuff. So we stop arguing and return the car but we don't have to pay a bunch of money because there was a power outage...yeah it was wierd. And the guy who owned the rental place was Maurice Dean-Wint, y'know the guy who played Luther in Hedwig. And he was like "Naw, the power went out, you don't have to pay or anything." so we were like "Cool!" and we started walking back to where we were staying and we weren't arguing anymore and we went to McDonalds, but my mom was there in the parking lot in her car. And so we left and then we left for home. And then I woke up. It was very...interesting. Oh well.
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wiiiiiierd [22 Jul 2003|12:35pm]
[ mood | awake ]

My dream last nite is a little shadowy. I don't remember much. Just someone asking me how to make backgrounds for thier LJ...it was odd. But I'm kinda glad I dont' remember. I don't like to be associated with things like that. :p...

"This is the story of a love that flourished in a time of hate..>"


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Eh... [19 Jul 2003|12:15pm]
I don't quite remember ths one too well. I remember like, a lake house, with my dad's family and friends. A "murderer". Weston and Clayton. Me driving. My dad acting like an ass. And a big group trip to the store...it was wierd. I'm kinda glad I don't remember it...
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Dream 2 [18 Jul 2003|02:32pm]
Okay, so this time the dream is almost recurring. Because the beginning of the dream Ive had before. And I don't take place in it, I'm kind of, watching fromt he outside at this father and little girl and it looks to be early 1900's before cars but the girl has a camera, only it's really wierd looking. Like, old, but it's small, and y'know, back then, cameras weren't small. So they're going down this winding driveway to the girl's grandfather's house. And it's this huge estate. So they go up and this is where I come in, because I become the girl, only I'm not the girl. I'm ,me.

We see the grandfather come out of this shack looking flustered. And he doesnt' look old at all. He looks more like Smecker from Boondock Saints. And He tells us he just had to put a couple ducks down. Meaning he killed them. And I was like "how do you do it?" so he takes me up to the back of the shack and I see a bunch of sticks sticking out of the ground, only they're sparklers, the metal kind. And they've all got flames. And he says, "when these ducks don't do what they're supposed to do, their flame goes out." So I stand by and watch a couple "ducks" die.

Then it kind of cuts to me watching the girl again. She's sitting at a window at night just staring at the stars. Then that part of the dream is over.

Then I'm with my immediate family and we're camping. I don't remember much except me masturbating in the bathroom and almost getting caught(hey, I'm not censoring these dreams), and my stepbrother and his friend sneaking around for food. Then I remember getting some food and that part of the dream ends.

Next, it's me again, only I'm with Weston, (his mother) Casey, my Granny, my Grandfather (whom I call Peyton), my Great Aunt Tootsie, and Some other lady I don't know, and we're sitting along the side of some road, much like the old ladies do in Requeim for a Dream. And we've just come from the aforementioned country estate. But we're watching these fireworks come out of nowhere, so it's obviously in present time. And I say "let's light some off!" So I get some firecrackers and start lighting them off. But then Weston says "I want to light some Roman Candles" (yes he can speak that well) But Peyton tells him he's too little and so he gives one to me. And I send it off and it's kinda dumb looking and whatnot. Then, my dream ended.

So that's my 3 part dream! That I just had. lol. I just woke up and I came to write it down before I forgot. Doot.
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Dreams. [18 Jul 2003|01:01am]
So this journal is dealing purely with my dreams. with much love to Caroline psychobiddy for giving me a code to do so. So yeah...I'm going to post a dream I had a while ago, but I remember it rather well:

So I was doing Hedwig... and in my dream, I thought we were only in rehearsals but as I was driving to rehearsal, I get to the place and 2 people swarm me, saying that I'm a little late so the show will run late. SO of course, i'm all "???" And we go in to this building that's really tiny, and can't possibly be a theatre, it's rather reminescent of the Malibu Club from GTA: Vice City. But we go in, and the place is set up just like the Jane St...go figure. So I go backstage and they're like "Run lines" and the whole time I'm just like "we just started rehearsals, I only know the songs really well!" but they were like "grr...we'll fix it". So I get all made up and costumized. And I had the Jane St costume and everything, it was really wierd.

Then I go onstage, and after tear me down, I realize that the floor had been plastered to look like newspapers were covering it, like as an effect y'know, not really newspapers just tiling that looked like it...anyways, i took a closer look and realized that my lines had been put into the floor and the top of the bar so I go through the show, doing my lines perfectly. And then at Midnight Radio, when I let Yitzhak go, I look into the audience to wave at her, and who should be there? but JCM.

The dream wasn't that full. It was kinda like a montage, it just cut straight to Midnight Radio after I realized my lines were on the floor and bar...it was rather wierd. And I woke up in a panic, just like I had been in the dream...yeah.
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